SimpleContainerGenerator: Create container images for using Julia packages (especially useful on systems without Internet access)

SimpleContainerGenerator automates the process of creating container images (Docker, Singularity, etc.) for using Julia packages.

This is especially useful if you need to run Julia packages on systems without any Internet or network access.

To reduce load times, SimpleContainerGenerator uses PackageCompiler to automatically compile the Julia packages inside the container into a custom Julia system image (sysimage).

Still a work in progress, so expect some rough edges.


first of all thank you so much for your amazing work!

I’m super new to Julia and still struggling to understand Pkg and some more concepts of Julia.
I just tried to make a docker container with my locally developed package.

pkgs = [
    (name = "Random",), # Replace Foo, Bar, Baz, etc. with the names of actual packages that you want to use
    (name = "StatsBase",),
    (name = "MyPkg", url=""),

Every time there comes an error: “LoadError: expected package MyPkg to be registered julia”
So what I’m doing wrong? :frowning:
The url, helps to get over the first hurdle, but after that the url part isn’t getting used any more.

Hi @dilumaluthge ,

I am trying to create a docker image from my local code - as @PeterKeffer appears to be doing.

the Examples seem to refer to registered packages, how can I just call "SimpleContainerGenerator.create_dockerfile(“C:\PathToCodeSource”)?


I’m not sure if we support that yet. Can you open a feature request?