I’m just getting started with the DifferentialEquations universe. In the first paragraph after this heading in the documentation, it is stated that SimpleATsit5 is a fast, viable solver for small, non-stiff ODEs. I have a simple 2 \times 2 BVP so I would like to try it as a possible faster alternative to Tsit5. But when I try to use it e.g. in

solve(bvp, Shooting(SimpleATsit5()))

I get

UndefVarError: SimpleATsit5 not defined

Is there another way to access it?

They are defined in GitHub - SciML/SimpleDiffEq.jl: Simple differential equation solvers in native Julia for scientific machine learning (SciML). The docs should arguably be updated.

Thanks! using SimpleDiffEq did the trick. Surprisingly, SimpleATsit5 is 10 times slower for my problem than Tsit5. In any case, I submitted a PR to the documentation showing how to access SimpleATsit5.