SIGKILL from Gurobi.jl?

One of my JuMP models seem to be too much for Gurobi/Gurobi.jl – after a while, it kills Julia with SIGKILL. Other models of similar structure work just fine; I suspect the reason is that they are smaller, and that I’m running out of memory with the problematic one … is that documented behavior? Does anyone have experience with this?

It does indeed seem like that may be it – and that setting NodefileStart could possibly help. I guess I’ll try that.

It could be your operating system killing the process, not the Gurobi solver.

Yeah, that’s my conclusion, too. Just confused myself initially. :slight_smile:

You should look at the gurobi.log file for clues. This doesn’t seem like an issue with Julia and JuMP. You could contact Gurobi directly for support.

Yeah. According to Ed Rothberg (from Gurobi), a SIGKILL from the OS does indeed generally mean that Gurobi has run out of memory.