Julia suddenly stopped when using JuMP with Gurobi to solve

Hello! I have an optimization problem and I am using Gurobi solver through JuMP in Julia.
In the process of solving this problem, it is necessary to constantly judge the solution add constraints, and then solve.

However, when the problem size is relatively large, Julia appears to abruptly halt upon adding constraints during the second iteration.

Although the code seems to continue running in the Jupyter Notebook, monitoring the system’s memory usage reveals that Julia’s memory consumption remains significantly low, similar to the levels observed when the code is not permitted to run.

Kindly request your guidance and expertise. Thank you very much!

What happens when you run this code outside of a Jupyter notebook?

Apologies, I haven’t attempted to execute this code elsewhere, so I’m uncertain about potential outcomes.

Do you have any recommended IDEs or methods known for stable execution?


Thank you so much for your suggestion, I’ll give it a try!

Also, if you like notebooks, try https://plutojl.org/

Thanks a lot. I’ll try it first to see if Julia still has this problem