Shout Out to the Maintainers

I just want to say how grateful I am to our community leaders and package maintainers.

Compared to where I was just a year ago, my personal knowledge of computer science, software and language design, and Julia mechanics are so much deeper. That’s all because people who really know their stuff keep responding to “Why is appending a million elements to this vector so slow???” questions patiently and accessibly while being transparent about the underlying mechanics.

I have also found that almost every time I’m stumped, I get timely, thorough responses – and even the occasional bug fix – from the brilliant people who design the packages I depend on.

My growth and our vibrant ecosystem have enabled me to really push for Julia in my work because I can write performant code and, when I can’t, I have a community of folks to back me up.

Top of mind for me right now are @mcmcgrath13, @ExpandingMan, and @cjdoris who have been so, so helpful to me in my current project.

Thanks, everyone!