Should we have a Pkg-Announcements channel?


Package announcements,
kinda go all over the place.

A lot in Community.
which I think is better served to actually discuss the community,
with things like meetups, collaborations and talking about how to communicate.

Some in Domains
which I don’t particular mind,
but for things that don’t fit in to any of the listed domains may not be great.
Further sometimes domains are not clear.
Some packages you might think are only good for one domain turn out to be good for many (and you want to find that out early if you can)

Some in Tools,
but most of tools is stuff like text editors etc.

But we could just have a channel for making announcements about packages.
And they would all be together.


Yes please, I think this would be great.


If this is about a new Discourse subdomain, say,
Community > package-updates, or Announce > packages, sure.

we need it as a searchable reference


a Packages subdomain of Announcements would make a lot of sense I think


I agree.


While we are on the subject of sections, maybe a “mini-blog” or article-like section for longer, informative posts, would be a good idea, for example I would love to have this kind of posts (or just an example of fun use of Julia) in a specific section.


So is there a reason that what is proposed in the OP has not yet happened?

Why don’t an admin make this channel? It only has benefits the way I see it.

Some organization would do this site a lot of good.


In the past I’ve found that just @-mentioning an admin seems to result in quick attention. So… @StefanKarpinski …?