Setting WorkLimit for Gurobi.jl and JuMP

I am solving a large instance MILP using Gurobi, and I am trying to set the WorkLimit parameter (see: instead of setting a TimeLimit, but I am struggling to do so…

For setting a TimeLimit, things like

model = Model(Gurobi.Optimizer)
set_attribute(model, "TimeLimit", 100)


model = Model(optimizer_with_attributes(Gurobi.Optimizer, "TimeLimit" => 100))

works fine, but for WorkLimit, I get an error saying

ERROR: LoadError: MathOptInterface.UnsupportedAttribute{MathOptInterface.RawOptimizerAttribute}: Attribute MathOptInterface.RawOptimizerAttribute("WorkLimit") is not supported by the model.

I figured that WorkLimit is Gurobi specific, so I tried things like

MOI.set(backend(model), Gurobi.ModelAttribute("WorkLimit"), 100)

which does not complain immediately, but when I then call optimize!(model), I get the error

ERROR: LoadError: Gurobi Error 10004: Unknown attribute 'WorkLimit'

I would appreciate any help or suggestions, thank you!

Minimum (not) working example:

using JuMP, Gurobi

# test data for sample problem
m = 30
n = 30
x_c, y_c = rand(m), rand(m)
x_f, y_f = rand(n), rand(n)
f = ones(n);
c = rand(m, n)

# create model and set TimeLimit --- works
#model = Model(Gurobi.Optimizer)
#set_attribute(model, "WorkLimit", 100)
# ... or 
#model = Model(optimizer_with_attributes(Gurobi.Optimizer, "TimeLimit" => 100))

# create model and set WorkLimit --- does NOT work
model = Model(Gurobi.Optimizer)
#set_attribute(model, "WorkLimit", 100)                             # does NOT work
#set_optimizer_attribute(model, "WorkLimit", 100)                   # does NOT work
MOI.set(backend(model), Gurobi.ModelAttribute("WorkLimit"), 100)    # does NOT work

@variable(model, y[1:n], Bin);
@variable(model, x[1:m, 1:n], Bin);
# Each client is served exactly once
@constraint(model, client_service[i in 1:m], sum(x[i, j] for j in 1:n) == 1);
# A facility must be open to serve a client
@constraint(model, open_facility[i in 1:m, j in 1:n], x[i, j] <= y[j]);
@objective(model, Min, f' * y + sum(c .* x));

println("Optimal value: ", objective_value(model))


set_attribute(model, "WorkLimit", 100) 
set_optimizer_attribute(model, "WorkLimit", 100)

work for me. Can you share more details of your setup: what version of Gurobi.jl, Julia, and Gurobi?

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I’m on Julia v"1.8.5", with JuMP at v1.14.1, Gurobi.jl at v1.0.3, and Gurobi is 9.1.1.
Out of curiosity, could you please let me know the versions that worked for you?

I think WorkLimit was added to Gurobi 9.5.

You can see the parameters available for Gurobi 9.1 here: Parameters - Gurobi Optimization

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I see - I will update Gurobi and see if it works, thank you!

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I’ve now upgraded to Gurobi 9.5 and it works!
For future reference - I had to pkg> remove Gurobi then pkg> add Gurobi to reflect the Gurobi version update.

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