Resetting TimeLimit of Gurobi Optimizer

I am currently using JuMP with the Gurobi Solver to optimise a tournament schedule. I use a local search heuristic to try and solve each round in a given time limit after having found a first feasible solution. The problem I now face is, that it takes quite a while to find a first initial solution. Therefore my time limit is quite high. I would like to lower it before reoptimizing each round, but I could not find any examples on how to modify this parameter from the Gurobi Solver in Julia. (E.g in Java I could do the following: m.set(“TimeLimit”, “100.0”); )

Below is a very simple example, where I would like to change the time limit before the second call to optimize!().

using JuMP
using Gurobi

m = Model(with_optimizer(Gurobi.Optimizer, TimeLimit=720))
@variable(m, x[1:2] >= 0, Int)

@constraint(m, 4*x[1] <= 400)
@constraint(m, x[2] <= 120)
@constraint(m, 8*x[1] + 4*x[2] <= 1000)

@objective(m, Max, sum(24*x[1] + 20*x[2]))

@constraint(m, x[2] <= 100)
@objective(m, Max, sum(24*x[1] + 20*x[2]))
#set new TimeLimit?

It should be

MOI.set(m, MOI.RawParameter("TimeLimit"), 100.0);

but for this to work at the moment, you should checkout, MOI master and It should work with JuMP v0.20.

In JuMP v0.19, you can hack your way around with

Gurobi.setparam!(backend(m).optimizer.model.inner, "TimeLimit", 100.0)
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