Setting TimeLimit of BilevelJumP with MibS-solver

Hello everyone, is it possible to set a time limit for the MibS solver?

using JuMP, BilevelJuMP, MibS_jll

model = BilevelModel()

… Rest of the Model…

solution = BilevelJuMP.solve_with_MibS(model, MibS_jll.mibs; verbose_results=true)

Hi @NKonti, welcome to the forum. I’ve moved your post to the “optimization” section. Sorry I didn’t see it earlier.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way to set a time limit with MibS, but @joaquimg can confirm.

Hi @odow and @joaquimg, alright thanks for your support.

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Sorry for the delayed confirmation. Currently, we cannot pass time limits to MibS.