Separate REQUIRE for deps/build.jl

I’m not sure if this has already been thought about for the Pkg3 design, however, it would be very useful for the current Pkg to allow having addition requirements for deps/build.jl to be in a deps/REQUIRE, in the same way that it is possible to have a test/REQUIRE for runtests.jl for a package.

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This seems intimately related to Different requirements for packages, using, building, and testing

I just don’t think it seems very DRY to have N REQUIRE files for the different ways you want to run your code.

Why not just one REQUIRE file with environment specifications built in?

Then you don’t have to keep moving code to different files every time you want to slide packages around

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I’m not saying that having separate REQUIRE files is the best way, but that’s currently all that I think might be possible easily with the current (Pkg2) system.

Hopefully there would be a cleaner & more performant way of handling these issues with Pkg3, whenever that is ready.