Dependency only for testing



If a packages is only needed for testing (eg loaded by runtests.jl), but not for the package functionality per se, should I include it in REQUIRE?

How to add a package as a test dependency from the REPL?

There’s test/REQUIRE


To be fair, I don’t think test/REQUIRE is in the documentation page here:

(unless I just didn’t see it). I only knew to do it because… I don’t really know. It may be good to mention it.


Want to open a PR? I agree that this would be useful for many people.


Sure, if no one posts a link to the PR I’ll open one when I get to it. There are a few other PRs I got to make first.


Started the PR:

Further discussion should continue there. Thanks @Tamas_Papp for mentioning this!


@ChrisRackauckas: nice of you to submit a patch. I opened an issue to create an empty test/REQUIRE file in PkgDev.generate.