`Semiconductor EDA Intern` at Julia Computing

Hi all,

We have just opened up internship applications for the Semiconductor EDA/JuliaSPICE team at Julia Computing

For background on JuliaSPICE, see our talk from JuliaCon this year: JuliaSPICE: A Composable ML Accelerated Analog Circuit Simulator | G Hertz, P de Vos | JuliaCon2021 - YouTube.

Internship applications are open for start dates through summer 2022, so if this seems like something you’d enjoy working on, do get in your applications :).

The full job description is here:


Hello Keno,

Its a very interesting topic, I am working on a MOSFET library for julia maybe its a good starting points for the Intern.

Please take a look at [MOSLab.jl] (GitHub - Rapos0/MOSLab.jl: A MOSFET Laboratory written in julia)

Good Luck with the research

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Very cool! I hadn’t seen your project yet. We have a number of compact models for MOSFETs (including BSIM-CMG) in JuliaSPICE, but we we’re just starting to look into the more first-principles MOSFET modeling that you have in that package.

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