SCS Warning: (column pointers) not strictly increasing

Does anyone know what would cause a JuMP (v0.18) model to result in SCS providing the following warning, “WARN: A->p (column pointers) not strictly increasing, column 1 empty”?

which version of SCS?

SCS.jl v0.3.3, which I believe uses SCS version 2.0.2

hmm, that is strange, I’ve seen such problems on 1.2.6, but I was quite sure that since 2.0.2 (or rather since this has been fixed. Did You rm deps.jl downloads src usr in ~/.julia/0.6/SCS/deps/ and"SCS") afterwards?

Afaik there’s no released version of SCS.jl that uses SCS 2.x. It’s blocked because we don’t have binaries.

Who should we poke for Windows and Mac libraries?

We need a BinaryBuilder script for SCS. (More than just poking.)

Update. This warning appears twice in PowerModels.jl tests, with SCS.jl v0.4.0 which uses SCS v2.0.2.