SciMLCon 2022: Call for Reviewers!

SciMLCon 2022 Call for Reviewers

Proposals for SciMLCon 2022 are reviewed anonymously by volunteers. A set of proposal abstracts will be assigned to these volunteers who read, rank, and provide feedback/comments on the abstracts. Rankings and comments from our reviewers help determine which proposals are accepted. Abstract topics will be focused on SciML and may include but are not limited to:

· Core package development (DifferentialEquations.jl, DiffEqFlux.jl, NeuralPDE.jl, etc.)

· Developments in Sci-ML-adjacent packages (automatic differentiation, numerical linear algebra, analytics and visualization, optimization, etc.)

· Downstream package development (applications packages, PDE solvers developed in SciML packages, etc.)

· Applications of SciML software in sciences (biology, bioinformatics, health, medicine, finance, economics, physics, chemistry, etc.)

· Compiler and performance analyses, benchmarks

· Tutorials teaching and demonstrating the use of SciML software

· Discussions of software engineering and best practices for SciML use

· Benchmarks of SciML software in applications or between methods

· Use of SciML in industrial applications

· Novel scientific computing and SciML methodologies being prototyped in Julia

If you are willing to review proposals for SciMLCon 2022, please fill out this form where you can include areas you would be comfortable reviewing and you will be contacted during the review period. Proposal reviewing will begin in early- to mid-February. Thank you!


Thanks for leading this effort!