SciML is now a NumFOCUS Sponsored Project!

Hello everyone,
We are pleased to announce that SciML is now a NumFOCUS Sponsored Project!

We thank the Julia community which has been instrumental in helping grow to this point. The purpose of the SciML organization is likely well-known to you all, to develop high-performance methodologies for modeling and simulation and make them compatible with techniques of machine learning to allow for automating scientific discoveries and surrogate generation of scientific models. The purpose of this change is to help grow the community and fund many of the events that we have planned, so stay tuned to any announcements as these come up. To follow our organization, subscribe to the News blog:

or our (very new!) subreddit:

We will also keep reaching out to the Julia community with a lot of our announcements to keep you all informed of our changes and updates. Once again, thank you all very much for helping us get here!


Congrats again!

SciML is an important part of Julia community and ecosystem.


Wonderful news, and a well-deserved honor!



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