Scientific Software Developer at the Flatiron Institute - Tensor Networks, ITensor


Miles Stoudenmire (@miles) and I (@mtfishman) are hiring a software developer to work on the new Julia port of ITensor, a leading tensor network software package used for cutting edge projects in quantum physics, quantum computing, and machine learning. Please contact us if you have any questions whatsoever.

About the position:

  • 2-3 year postdoctoral-like position with a focus on software development at the Center for Computational Quantum Physics (CCQ) at the Flatiron Institute in New York City.
  • Develop libraries for the ITensor Julia ecosystem (ITensor · GitHub).
  • Projects will make use of tools and techniques including - but not limited to - automatic differentiation, GPUs, multithreaded and distributed dense and block sparse tensor contractions, interactive graph visualization, tensor network (multilinear algebra) algorithm development, and improving package latency and compilation. Proposing and developing additional project directions is welcome and encouraged.
  • The position is in-person at our office in NYC in a vibrant computational research setting with excellent benefits and resources. For example, you will be able to co-organize specialized workshops, experiment on cutting edge computing hardware, and collaborate with leading experts in physics, mathematics, and computing.
  • Background (preferably Ph.D.) in Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or related fields.
  • Applications of ITensor include quantum physics, quantum computing, machine learning, and chemistry.
  • Must have an interest and aptitude for learning essentials of quantum physics.

How to apply:

If you are interested or have any questions, please send a private message to me or Miles on discourse or reach out to us by email (Matt, Miles).

Applications can be submitted here. Please note that some of the details there may not apply to the software position, so contact us if you have any questions. Also we encourage you to submit your application even if your letters of recommendation are not ready, they can be submitted later.