Scheduler Function in Agents.jl

I am trying to use the package Agents.jl for modelling. I see that there are three scheduler functions to activate agents at each step. However, I would like to pick agents according to their weights, i.e.,if I could select activation_prob number of agents with higher weights. How can I do this?

Hi there. We have updated Agents.jl see Agents.jl : Agent based modelling

You can try again to make a new scheduler, and if you have questions open an issue on GitHub. It is faster to get support if you ask about this on the GitHub issues page. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t quite get to the Github issues page, is there a link that you could share? I looked at the tutorial and found Agents.random_activation among the scheduler functions. What if I didn’t want the choice to be uniformly random, but according to a predefined distribution instead?

Of course. Here is the page:

You click on “new issue”, and then describe your problem. This is also a suitable platform to answer questions, so do not hesitate. What you are asking is simple to be done, but I’d prefer to answer it there for clarity.

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