Scatterplot linewidth does not disappear when render to pdf

Hello. I’ve been trying to plot this database and save it on pdf. I’m not really sure why it it still shows the linewidth if I set it 0. This does not happen when I save it as a png file.
Here is the code I am using:

q = plot(size=(1000,1000), camera = (70,30),dpi=300)
colors = ["#FFC857","#26c485","#B84A62","#854d27","#F15025","#30292f","#6457A6"]
for c in 1:k
    lab = [i for i in 1:size(datos_semi)[1] if kmeans_res.assignments[i]==c]
    scatter!(datos_semi[lab,2],datos_semi[lab,3],datos_semi[lab,4],markersize=2,alpha=1,color=colors[c],edgecolor=false, markerstrokewidth = false, linewidth=false )

This is a screenshot of the pdf (sadly as a new user I can’t add a second media item to show the png).

Hope I can get some help! :upside_down_face:

Why not reducing marker size one notch and setting identical markerstrokecolor?

Resulting PDF looks great:

using Plots; gr()

plot(size=(1000,1000), dpi=300)
scatter(rand(20),rand(20), ms=5, mc=:red, msc =:red)
scatter!(rand(20),rand(20), ms=5, mc=:green, msc =:green)