Scatter! not working as before after upgrade to julia 1.7.1 and GLMakie 0.5.0

The following code with julia 1.7.1 and GLMakie 0.5.0

using StaticArrays
using GLMakie

const T = Float32
N = 1000

low, hi = Point3{T}(-1,-1,-1), Point3{T}(1,1,1) 
dim = hi - low
points = Ref(low) .+ rand(Point3{T}, N) .* Ref(dim)

s = Scene()
scatter!(s, points, color=:blue)

produces a static image

while changing the last 3 lines with

scatter(points, color=:blue)

produces the desired interactive 3D image

This was not the case with Julia 1.6 and GLMakie 0.4.6. Does anybody knowns what I am doing wrong on this trivial example? Thanks.

Scene got refactored to be lighter which among other things means it no longer tries to pick a suitable camera or draw axis. This functionality has moved to LScene which is what scatter creates. So instead of Scene you should use

fig = Figure()
ax = LScene(fig[1, 1])
scatter!(ax, ...)

Thanks very much. It works.