Save interactive html plot with Plots.jl

I produced a plot with Plots.jl and plotly backend. In jupyter notebook, this plot has basic interactivity like zooming and tooltips. I would like to save it to say HTML so that this basic interactivity is preserved. I tried

using Plots
plt = plot(randn(100))
Plots.html(plt, "hello")

but when I open “hello.html” in the browser I see just an empty page.

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As an alternative, the following allows to save a plot that is zoomable:

using WGLMakie
scene = lines(randn(10))"hello.html", scene)

How about savefig("hello.html")

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Fyi, the saved html zooms fine, running Julia 1.7 on Win10, PlotlyBase v0.8.18, Plots v1.22.3.

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Interesting. It turns out that Plots.html works for me if I run it in the repl. If I run it in jupyter instaed, the resulting file is broken (show an empty webpage).


Thanks. It works in the repl, but fails in jupyter notebook for me.

Just in case, have you also tried using the plotlyjs() backend?

I also tried it, it also produces broken HTML, when I run it in jupyter.

Possibly not the real thing but FWIW, tested in the Jupyter extension for VS Code your initial plotly() example and it saved a proper html that could be zoomed.

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