Running myBinder with julia version 1.6

Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask. Every time I want to start my .ipynb file with mybinder there is no kernel for julia version 1.6.2 or 1.6.1.
I can’t find any instructions on the binder website regarding the supported julia versions, but am I right when I suppose julia 1.6 is not compatible right now?
I just started the binder feature for my repository, so I’m a little irritated that there is no support for a few months now.

I’m not sure but it sounds strange that they don’t support Julia 1.6.x.
Have you taken a look at this? Binder Julia
What’s your project setup?

That’s exactly what I thought.
I just looked at the binder demo from here, and they’re still using Julia 1.5.3.
Yes, I had a look at it. If I’m getting it right, it is not that complicated. myBinder just needs a Project.toml in the root to identify Julia as the language.

I also tried to both 1.6 versions by changing the .ipynb file mannually, but it still says
Could not find a kernel matching Julia 1.6.2 or 1.6.1 respectively.

Works fine for me.

This environment starts up in Julia 1.6.1: GitHub - mitmath/binder-env: Binder environments for MIT math courses

I can open the repository as well. But when starting a .ipynb file I get the error from above.
Did you try such a notebook file at your repo?

Did you change the compat for the julia version in the Project.toml file?

I think you would need to add the following lines to the Project.toml in your repository:

julia = "1.6"

Yep. Works fine: launch binder, drag a 1.6.1 ipynb file to the Jupyter “home page” to upload it, and click on the notebook to lauch.

Feel free to clone GitHub - mitmath/binder-env: Binder environments for MIT math courses and modify it as needed (e.g. for the packages you require).

Thank you guys. I found my mistake.
The CI pushes the notebook files automatically to my gh-pages branch, and there was no Project.toml. So mybinder didn’t even know about starting a Julia environment.
I think I will just add another toml file to the branch.
Thank you.