Change Julia version for a Jupyter notebook

Hi all,

I have recently started to learn Julia and have been using JuliaAcademy. I have downloaded the latest Julia version (v1.5.0), however, the Jupyter notebooks for the courses are written in Julia 1.4.2.

This means that when I try to open these notebooks, the kernel fails to start and I do not have Julia 1.4.2. Is there a way that I can change the version of Julia of the notebook so I can run the code for these courses.

Or would I just need to download Julia 1.4.2? I would like to just have one version of Julia downloaded if possible.

(The particular course and notebooks Iā€™m referring to are Julia for Data Science (

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The problem was that I had uninstalled Julia 1.4.2, but the kernel still existed. The solution is to run

jupyter kernelspec list

to get the list of kernels and the paths to them.

Next had to run

jupyter kernelspec uninstall unwanted-kernel

in order to uninstall the old kernels. In my case, remove Julia-1.4 kernel so Julia-1.5 opens by default