Running .jl file from PowerShell


I am having the below error when I am trying to open .jl file from the PowerShell"

Any recommendation to solve it?

please gain some basic understanding regarding filesystem, path etc before posting multiple questions around the same topic.

In this case you can see your files is in C:\Work\Julia\Simulation\Tests

but your powershell is at C:\Users\amroa\, of course it’s not gonna work, because the way you’re running the Julia command, it’s trying to execute the file C:\Users\amroa\Test1.jl


Best is to change the working directory before running Julia.
In the powershell:

cd c:\Work[TAB]

[TAB]means press TAB to use tab-completion.
Go through until you are in

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I opened PowerShell in the same path of the .jl file as in the figure, but it didnt run julia neither the .jl file

Put some println(“kisdhfksfbk”) into Test1.jl, to see some output.

Thank you very much!
Yes, it works