Running into a LoadError that is breaking Code

Hi everyone, I am a JULIA newbie and running into a LoadError that is breaking a .jl file I am trying to run. The error I am getting is LoadError: syntax: invalid escape sequence and stating the code is breaking on line 32. Here is the code that it’s running. Do you guys have any ideas for me to get this running? I saw something about Dir but unsure how to use it. Thanks so much!

I am purposely using an older JULIA since this file was created many years ago and broke even more on the current version

try replacing each \ character with \\ inside the filename string

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Thank you for the response. It looked like adding a “” worked but now it’s throwing me another error (lol). It says LoadError: UndefVarError: i not defined

Would it be beneficial to see the whole code? Thanks again @jandehaan

Julia 0.4.7 is not old, it is ancient. The ecosystem changed a lot since then; if you insist on using this version then you will run into a lot of issues in various packages that have been fixed since, and it will be very difficult to get help.

I understand that is may not be an easy task, but I would recommend porting the code to Julia 1.x.