Running consecutive cells in REPL serially?

Since a recent update, when I run a code cell from a script using Alt+Shift+Enter, it shows each expression being executed in the cell. While that’s running, if I run another cell, it will try to run it in parallel while the first one is still executing. For example, if I run a cell that’s loading packages/modules, then want to run a cell that uses a function from one of those packages, it will return an error that it can’t find the function.

Is there a way to disable this behavior and go back to the “serial” way, where it would wait until the previous cell is fully evaluated before executing the next one? I’ve found that useful when there is code that takes a while to complete, and I can just run a bunch of cells in the beginning then do something else while they evaluate.

Thank you!

This can be fixed by bugfix: eval order by xgdgsc · Pull Request #3139 · julia-vscode/julia-vscode · GitHub . My fork release at Release A quick dot methods completion demo · xgdgsc/julia-vscode · GitHub contains this.