Run as administrator to install system wide


I am trying to install Juila system wide on a windows master image. I have tried to right click and “Run as administrator” and I have tried to run it from an administrator cmd line, but the installer always says to install system wide re start and run as administrator. I have tried running it from C:\ and C:\temp locations. I am not sure what else to try. Thanks.

On Windows, the installer always seems to say that even if you are running as administrator. However it will install for systemwide use. I always modify the install directory from the user specific one it suggests to something like C:\Julia-1.5.0.

Okay, thank you. I am new to Julia and did not know what the implications might be. Now I can proceed to finish my image. Thanks

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread: To get the systemwide default location by default, run the installer from an admin command prompt and provide the /ALLUSERS option on the command line.