Run a macro on all code evaluated by julia

Let’s say I have a function that transforms julia code, and I want to prerun it on any code ever evaluated by Julia. Is there a way to do this? If not, it seems like a great way to customize the Julia experience

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What are you trying to achieve?

You could very easily create a macro @c so that any command prefixed with those two characters is subject to your customization. Apply this to an entire module with:

@c module my_module
lots of

I don’t think most people would want to have a 100% transparent way of altering how julia works. Programmers like to be able to look at a piece of code and know what it does. Having to add at least two characters when you want your code parsed in your own fashion is a small price to pay for that. (The reason why macros calls are prefixed with the @ character is to warn the reader to expect the unexpected.)

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This would not be terribly hard to insert into the REPL code. It’s a bit strange though. It would, of course, only be useful for syntactic transformations, but I can imagine using it, e.g., for backwards compatibility support.

Said macro already exists, and inspired this thread!

I’m sure something similar could be done for the REPL but this is good enough for me rn