Rss description from page body in Franklin

I understand that Franklin.jl only adds a page to the RSS feed if the relevant page variable is set (rss for short), which then provides the description.

Would it be possible to auto-generate this from the first N words or paragraphs of the page, eg invoked as rss = :beginning?

Sorry I hadn’t seen this (I should subscribe to the Franklin tag…)

You could do what you suggest with

... other variables here ...
rss = first(read(locvar(:fd_rpath), String), 500)

Rest of your Markdown

the issue of course is that it will read the source file and so you’ll have page variables etc in there which is not ideal.

I think a more reasonable approach is to set rss to "." (or any non empty string) and set in rss_full_content = true which will put the entire HTML of the page in the RSS item.
For JuliaGPU (⋅ JuliaGPU), both the description and full content are placed but this should not be necessary if you assume that the RSS is read by a reasonably standard RSS reader (unfortunately “reasonably standard” is not something that rhymes with RSS).

But in Vienna for instance you can see the full HTML of the page

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