Roundtrip String -> Syntax Tree -> String with JuliaSyntax.jl


I am really hyped about JuliaSyntax.jl, however I could not figure out how to perform a round trip from the parsed String to a syntax tree and back to a String.
Is this something possible already?

My usecase would be to use JuliaSyntax as a parser, work directly in the syntax tree form and then go back to a String representation.


Here you have an example (hope this fits your use case well enough):

using JuliaSyntax

text = """inc(x) = x + 1"""
there = parsestmt(JuliaSyntax.SyntaxNode, text)

# do some work on `there` object

#back to string "inc(x) = x + 1"
andbackagain = JuliaSyntax.sourcetext(there)

This works at statement/expression level - but the same will work if you are doing the parsing at file-level (just switch the parsestmt with the appropriate parse function).

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I actually went back to this. Thanks for your answer but it unfortunately does not work for me.

sourcetext only works for SyntaxNode and not for GreenNode, additionaly it just return the source that it was given at the beginning (not that it’s actually easily possible to change the values in the SyntaxNode…)

I guess JuliaSyntax.jl is really more meant to be “read-only”