[RFC] Julia at deRSE20

I just created a workshop idea for the conference of the german RSE association deRSE20 on their bazaar.
I would be happy to find interested people to actually run the workshop ( since I don’t think I can do it by myself only).


Tagging @datseris since I saw you on last years conference and DrWatson might also fit in here.

Hi, thanks for the tag.

I think DrWatson fits perfectly in the description of workshop you have, especially given that our “project setup” functionality is aimed at making an actual scientific project 100% reproducible.

Unfortunately I won’t join that conference though. I am happy to share with you slides about presentations we give with DrWatson if it is of any use to you.

I think maybe you should talk to @carstenbauer, who gave a three day julia workshop at his university. The materials he published which were used for the workshop might be quite useful even if he’s unable to get involved directly.

Thanks for the ping @Mason.

Having such a workshop at deRSE20 sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the conference though.

If the materials at https://github.com/crstnbr/JuliaWorkshop19 and more recently https://github.com/crstnbr/JuliaOulu20 are useful, feel free to use them! Let me know if you have questions or anything.

Gathering material is also great, so I’ll galdly take the offer for slides :slight_smile:

That sounds interesting! I actually thought about going there…