Revise usage with local dev

I’m new to Julia (1.2), and trying different examples using Revise (2.2.2) and Juno.

I was trying to:

  • work in two different environments like (v1.2) and (tutorial)
  • activate then dev --local Example (so it should create an Example folder in julia_dir_dev/dev)
    add a function f() = 7; (using edit(hello))
    === To this point Revise tracks correctly the changes, I can go back and forth from Example v0.5.3 to Example v0.5.4 with free and dev commands
  • activate tutorial, then dev --local Example (so it creates an Example folder in tutorial_dir/dev)
    add a function g() = 3;
    === Here I was expecting Revise to follow the changes, and that Example.g() would give 3, but it keeps track on the previously Example.jl file.

I am missing something in the way Revise keeps track on the changes, especially when it comes to local dev.

This case also might not appear often in real life, I haven’t got enough experience to say so!