Revise not working in notebook in VSCode

I am using a dev’ed package in a notebook inside VSCode (great new feature!). When the code in the package changes the notebook does not detect the change.

using Revise

is the first statement in the notebook but that doesn’t seem to make any difference.

The only way I’ve found to get the notebook to update is to kill VSCode and restart. Anybody else experienced this problem?

Running Linux Mint 19.2, Julia version 1.6.2, VSCode 1.58.2

Notebook eval is missing the required Revise-hooks. You should be able to manually call Revise.revise() until this is fixed.

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I have similar problem. For me Revise also doesn’t work for normal .jl files in VSCode.

Julia 1.6.3
vscode-julia v1.4.3
Revise v3.1.20

Furthermore, is it known that sometimes modules like CSV or DataFrames aren’t loaded when executed via ALT+ Enter. In example if I request to evaluate several lines of code via ALT + Enter, I would expect that they are evaluated in the order I send the request, but sometimes it skips lines like using DataFrames or move on. Then the following code gives an error because it depends on the modules. It happens to me only when I use ALT + Enter.

When I in example, only request to evaluate all modules, I will not get a succesful flag for the modules and if request to evaluate them again it works

In what context? REPL evaluation? Inline evaluation?

Is this by holding Alt-Enter and sequentially evaluating a bunch of lines? Yeah, there’s a tricky race condition in that part of the code…

I’m not sure I just open a jl-file in VSCode and hit ALT+Enter with the cursor which marks on a specific line

Is there a work around? Like evaluating blocks with Shift + Enter

Just select whatever code you want to evaluated and hit Alt-Enter. Or wait for half a second after each line (or until it’s evaluated).

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Do you have a clue what is causing that Revise isn’t working for me?

Where do you call this?

In every notebook?

Can it be placed in Julia startup.jl?