Reveal all of the attributes of a current plot

How can I reveal the values of all of the attributes of a current plot? plotattr() shows me the attributes that a plot may have, but I can’t figure out if it can tell me the attributes of a current plot.

I have a plot, actually a groupedbar plot that has some nice default colors, but I don’t know what colors and am struggling to guess (I want modify just one of the colors). I’d like to figure out how to see all of the current settings of the plot.

This is probably simple, but I’ve been reading discourse and stackoverflow for about an hour and can’t figure this out. Thanks so much for your help.

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This is currently not that easy, but adding a method to plotattr that does this sounds like a good feature request to me.

Currently to get say all the seriescolors of plot pl you could do

for s in pl.series_list
  @show s[:seriescolor]
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