Resolve mismatch between running Julia and the compatibility section

Consider a project: Let us say I have specified compatibility as Julia 1.5. Now I run 1.6, which violates the compatibility requirement. When this happens with packages, activating the environment fails. However with the executable of Julia there is a warning, but that’s it. If I don’t look for that warning I may miss it completely. If things are working, perhaps that is fine, even though one could argue that there might have been a reason why 1.5 was specified to begin with, and even though the program may run with 1.6, it is not what the user intended.

Shouldn’t the incompatibility be handled the same way for packages and the Julia executable? Meaning, an error message is produced?

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You’re referring to this warning, right?

[ Warning: julia version requirement for project not satisfied

I think it makes sense for this to be an error instead of a warning.

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