Request for input: 2023 Julia Survey

This was just a thread to get input on the survey design and text. The survey itself will be available to fill out sometime soon, with the reuslts usually shown at JuliaCon.

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Hi, one suggestion about the point “What are some of your favorite Julia packages? Please select all that apply.” The issue here is a pretty unclear question. I propose creating two points. First, “What packages are you using more often?” And the second one is “What packages do you think developers should pay more attention to?”

The difference in the first question - I can have some favorite package that nobody is using. E.g. I really like how that was implemented. Nevertheless, I use another packages in my day-to-day work.

The second question is oriented to determining what is really required to people. We have a lot of abandoned popular packages (e.g, TextAnalysis). But the packages developers don’t have a feedback. In parallel, people are not using these packages due to absence of updates. It would be good to allow here to type names of packages.

I just got an email to fill the survey from JuliaHub newsletter, and i just wanted to report what I thing is a mistake.
Question 15. Which editors or IDEs do you use frequently? Please select all that apply. is supposed to be select-all checkboxes but it is actually radio-buttons right now.

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Thanks for the report. We are fixing this!

This has been fixed. Thank you!

The survey appears to be missing some line breaks:

(or if that’s intentional, the squashed-together formatting makes it a fair bit harder to select the right item)

This is in a recently-updated version of Firefox on Windows.

Hmmm …

It’s broken up into separate lines on my mobile device (iPhone) and on my laptop (Chrome with Windows).