2022 Julia User & Developer Survey - draft questionnaire available for comment

The fourth annual Julia User & Developer Survey is being developed now, and we want your input.

Please do NOT complete the survey at this time. This link is being shared with you to collect feedback about the questionnaire.


Please provide feedback via comments in the Google doc no later than Friday May 20.

You will be invited later, once the questionnaire is finalized, to complete the survey.

This draft incorporates many changes that have been suggested in the past by members of the Julia community. Some proposed changes have not been implemented for a number of reasons, including technical limitations of the software we use for survey implementation, desire to preserve tracking with previous waves, or limited usefulness of proposed changes (such as adding ‘other - specify’ options, which we have included in previous years but removed after we found these responses were not useful for analysis and presentation.

Thank you!

Andrew Claster
Julia Computing

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We are extending the deadline by one week to Friday May 27.

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How does one get access to the document?


I gave some feedback two years ago, which was still relevant last year. Hopefully those are not concerns for this year, but can’t access the document so posting here.


Try this link. You should be able to request access here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h1t3drS0W2gJL4jsc_6SXhIaiZdSeXhy8M97ZKfFjkY/edit


We’ve reviewed all of the comments from the past two years. Many of the suggested changes have been made. Some of the suggested changes have not been made due to limitations of the technology platform we use to administer the survey, or due to desire for consistency for comparison year to year, or for some other reason.


Requested access :smile:

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I have given access for all requests I have received. Please let me know if there are any issues. Thank you!

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I was wondering :

  • how do you decide to include a new question in your survey? (If you ever do)
  • if you do accept new questions, is there a submission process? If yes, what is it?
    I am quite interested in having the view of the community on various questions/topics and hence have suggestion of questions to include in the survey.

Thank you
Kind regards.

We definitely do. A couple months before we conduct the survey, we post the draft questionnaire here and ask for comments from the community. Each year we typically add 1-3 new questions, we try to delete a similar number of questions (to keep the questionnaire length the same) and we make changes to several questions. We try to keep the changes to a minimum so that we can compare from year to year, but we also want to capture changes such as new platforms, packages, uses, etc. We will post the 2023 survey here in a few months and we will invite the community to comment and suggest changes.

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