Reported stacktrace are terrible for errors :-/

I am sure this must already have been discussed, but it’s a nice example… here I made a typo on Imputators.jl row 154, but nowhere in the stacktrace this position is reported…

Is there any package that can help during development in reporting the real position of such kind of typos (or maybe it is not so simple to implement…)

Is the typo you made part of a very long struct definition? If so, it might be similar to an issue I reported quite some time ago, where the actual error line is not indicated: Type error within struct reported without actual error line · Issue #38531 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub

No, the struct is not particularly long, but anyhow I don’t have its start line in the stack trace… I virtually have nothing close to the error point, the best I have is the beginning of the module