REPL-like interaction within Jupyter?

Is there a way to interact with Jupyter/Jupyterlab such that it behaves more like the REPL? That is, I do like the rich display of Jupyter and some other things, e.g. easier entry/editing of multiple lines before execution. But I find I don’t like to use it for most work because I really miss some aspects of the REPL:

  • previous command(s) recall (up arrow)
  • (with OhMyREPL) fuzzy search and multi-select of previous commands
  • pkg/shell modes
  • linear history in scroll back
  • not having to create a file
  • command history that is unified across sessions (and with the normal REPL history)

Are any of these actually possible already and I just haven’t figured out how? For those that are would they be feasible?

Pkg mode is already supported, if you put ] at the start of a cell it will be parsed as Pkg REPL mode code.

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