REPL internals documentation


Hello everybody,

I am looking for documentation concerning the REPL internals. Background:

I was trying to understand the insertion of additional input modes and keymappings done in this simple program:

I was not able to find documentation concerning the REPL internal functions called, e.g. REPL.respond, REPL.return_callback or LineEdit. Looking at julia/base/REPL.jl directly I see that is does also not conatin any documentation at all.

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Providing a real API and documentation for the REPL stuff is definitely a relatively high priority project for post 1.0, but it hasn’t made it to the top of the todo list just yet. The general approach (which I used when implementing the REPL mode for Pkg3) is to look at some package which has a REPL mode and modify it until it works. Clearly not ideal, but it works. If you want to use Pkg3’s REPL mode as starting point, the relevant code is here:



thank you for the answer. I will try it.

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