Removing string operations on vectors (mentioned in #19449)

Jeff Bezanson recently mentioned that he had removed some string operations on vectors, however, since there is no binary string type in Julia (b"abcdef" returns a Vector{UInt8}), nor efficient methods for dealing with pure ASCII or SBCS (single byte character set, such as ANSI Latin 1), those methods are important for dealing with them, and removing them will break a lot of our (’s) code.
I would ask please that those be restored for now, until the functionality can placed elsewhere, potentially in a package.

Hi Scott, could you perhaps provide code examples that break for you with those changes?

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I don’t have any that aren’t in proprietary code (yeah, I dislike proprietary code too, but have to eat), but I’ll cull some examples of how we are using the string operations on binary (and Latin1) strings after Xmas and post here.