Removing Grid and Plot Manipulation on PyPlot 3D Figures

I’ve run a code using pyplot and plot_wireframe which produces the figure seen below.
I have two issues. First, I can’t seem to figure out how to remove the grid in the background. Ideally I’d like to have the image floating in white space. Second, the figure comes up in a box with a few tools such as magnify and pan, however they don’t seem to work. No matter what tool I have selected, when I click on the plot all I can do is rotate the figure. How do I magnify and pan this sort of figure?

Use PlotlyJS instead of PyPlot. E.g. via Plots.jl

If you want to stay with PyPlot, this suppresses the grids (at least with my recent install):


The right mouse button provides magnification (at least with Qt5 backend). The pan/zoom controls from 2D are apparently missing in the underlying Python Matplotlib 3D API.

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from Plots.jl use the attribute grid=false.

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grid=false does not seem to work with me using Plots. Any idea why ? I need to stay in Plots for the camera option as i need to visualise a 3D plot from different angles. Thank you