Registry updating twice

When I run Pkg.update(), the registry seems to be updated twice, see below.
This also happens with pkg mode: ] up
Only happens with my v0.7.0 installation and not with v1.0.3
It seems harmless but something seems amiss.

Julia-0.7.0> Pkg.update()
 Updating registry at `C:\Users\Greg\.julia\registries\General`
 Updating git-repo ``
 Updating registry at `C:\Users\Greg\.julia\registries\General`
 Updating git-repo ``
Resolving package versions...
 Updating `C:\Users\Greg\.julia\environments\v0.7\Project.toml`
[no changes]
 Updating `C:\Users\Greg\.julia\environments\v0.7\Manifest.toml`
[no changes]

So I guess it has been fixed then.

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But I forget to mention that this happens on one machine with v0.7.0, and not on another machine with v0.7.0

Does it happen on any machine with 1.0.3?


But it didn’t always happen with the v0.7.0 installation that has the problem, which made me think it was caused by some type of corruption with the package environment.

It does seem harmless and as you say I can’t reproduce (on either v0.7.0 or v1.0.3)

OK, I found the problem.
I used a common startup.jl between machines, which adds an entry to DEPOT_PATH.
On one machine it resulted in a duplicate entry in DEPOT_PATH.
Presumably v0.7.0 processes this twice when executing Pkg.update, and v1.0.3 does not.
I have modified startup.jl, so now it does not add a duplicate entry.
Sorry for wasting your time Kristoffer.