Register a new package with v1.0

The v0.6 documentation explains how to submit your own package to the central repository. However, that page is gone in v1.0. The Pkg page in v1.0 doesn’t mention submission any more. Is there a way to submit new packages in v1.0?

By the way, if I am right, lists all registered packages for v0.6. Is there a similar page for v1.0? More generally, where can I find more about the progress on the latest Pkg development?

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Currently for registering a package use attobot to METADATA and General will get updated. It uses REQUIRE and no Project.

Not at the moment, but is being developed.

Pkg is a stdlib so at the latest version of the Julia documentation.

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Pkg develops here: and some of the functionality you are asking for is being developed here: (in particular

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Recently, Registrator has become the way to submit packages for v1.0+ in the General repository. See Stefan’s announcement here:

And the repository for Registrator here: