References about Julia internals when embedding in C/C++

Hi guys!

I opened a PR to improve a little bit the documentation about how we should handle garbage collection when embedding Julia into C/C++ software (

After a very productive discussion with @yuyichao, in which a learned a lot!, I realize that I am lacking basic concepts about this part. Unfortunately, the documentation, as it is, is not very friendly for beginners. Hence, I would like to know where can I find information about Julia internals so that I can truly understand the process of embedding Julia into C/C++.

My motivation to study is related to a project I want to start soon. I would like to propose a project to build a CubeSat here in Brazil in which all the attitude and control subsystem will be written in Julia. To do so, I have to make a proof-of-concept by embedding Julia inside a C++ software. That’s why I need to fully understand this process.


I am sure you have seen the embedding docs:

It would be great if you can help improve that. You are already half way there extracting information from Yichao’s brain. :slight_smile:


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Thanks @viralbshah ! Yes, indeed I saw those docs and I tried to improve a little bit on that PR by precisely extracting information from Yichao’s brain :smiley: Well, I will keep reading the source code and every time I find something that is worth to document, I submit a PR.