Struggling to embed Julia in C

I’ve been attempting to embed julia in C so that i can use my julia module to do some pretty heavy physics computations and pass them to my colleagues existing program written in C. I started small with the embedding examples given in the documentation and i cant seem to get them to work at all. I put a lot more in-depth details on whats happening and what i’ve tried in a post on stack-overflow (here) last week but havent heard anything there yet so figured i’d ask here.

Since i posted on stack overflow ive tried compiling embedded.c in test/embedding, and tried running “make” in that directory, which both failed (make said there was an error on line13). I’ve also tried compiling with clang instead, and calling the libjulia dll several different ways (including through dllimport in C# and cdll in the python ctypes module) but none have had any success either.

If anyone had any ideas on how to help i’d greatly appreciate it. Being able to glue this julia module into our existing C program would be a huge help!