Reel.jl Package with Windows

Hi, I’m newbie to Julia, i have use Reel.jl package for animation. The GitHub Reference code i have used. it’s create images default in text/html format. But unfortunately ffmpeg doesn’t support html to GIF format but its support image to GIF format. so i have plan to modify the package, it’s shows

ERROR: LoadError: importing Reel into Main conflicts with an existing identifier

how to update or modify the code and update package locally?
how to Remove full dependencies in particular package?
Kindly share the solution

Aha! i think yu need to use the ‘development’ option in Pkg.
You can add a package and have the source code cloned from git.
Then you can rebuild the package locally.

First I think you need to remove the Reel package

pkg> develop --local Reel

Search for development on this page

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In Linux the source for Reel then appears in the directory

If you cannot find it in Windows send a message. I also have a windows10 laptop

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