Recording of Makie hist changes output

I’d like to make a short video of the build up of an histogram with a little bit of white space between the bins . Unfortunately the record block seems to ignore the width keyword.

using GLMakie

samples_Obs = Observable(samples)

fig = Figure(size=(1000,400))
ax = Axis(fig[1,1])
my_bins = range(0.5, 10.5, 11)
hist!(ax, samples_Obs, bins=my_bins, width=0.75)

### using fig alone accepts the width=0.75

### making an animation ignores the width=0.75
record(fig, "time_animation.mp4",1:100; framerate=10) do ind
    samples_Obs[] = samples[1:ind]

Any idea on how to keep the spacing when recording the video?

Found a workaround by using a barplot and counts from StatsBase:

using StatsBase

sampleCount = @lift(counts(samples_Obs,10))

Can you please open an issue for further investigations?