Recompiling stale cache file. How to minimize that?

I repeatedly get the

Info: Recompiling stale cache file C:\..\ABC.ji for ABC [top-level]

although I did not touch the file ABC. Annoying and time-consuming.

What’s the best way to turn this off or what have I configured improperly?

You cannot turn it off, Julia needs to compile! Note that the cache goes stale if you changed another package that ABC depends on so that’s likely what’s happening.

Anyway: yes compile times are getting painful right now. Eventually we’ll have full blown compile caching which in principle should alleviate this problem quite a bit since presumably it won’t be compiling everything in the package, just what it needs to. In the meantime Revise.jl already does just that, the only catch is that you have to leave the REPL open.

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Well, in fact this file does not depend on any other file. I guess this is also what [top-level] in the info means.

At least for julia 1.0 I think I noticed that happening when I needed to run pkg> resolve, and doing so made the repeated compilation go away.

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How often is recompilation supposed to occur?

JuliaPro recompiles every package I use every single time I start the REPL.

I assumed this was normal, but from your posts I get the impression it should only occur if a package or dependency is modified.