Recommended Graphical User Interface with Tabs?

For my SoiLWater-ToolBox I am looking for a Graphical User Interface package to input the list of Parameters and Options written in TOML. Since the hydrological models is complex I will need to subdivide the parameters and options in TABS. The JULIA code is called once from the GUI so there is no need for complex calls between GUI and JULIA. The proposed requirements:

  • Does not need to be written in JULIA;
  • Simple interaction between JULIA and GUI;
  • Support multiple Tabs;
  • Can read TOML format;
  • Not too complex to integrate;
  • Looks professional;
  • Easily maintained;
  • Has radio buttons;
  • Has pulldown menus;
  • Will check that the different options are feasible;
  • Can easily access documentation;

Many thanks for any suggestions :cowboy_hat_face: