Rebugger stymied

Sometimes the most basic things stymy me. I can’t get Rebugger to run.

I have added JuliaInterpreter and Rebugger.

I try:
using Rebugger

then, per the documentation I try:
a = [4,3,1,2]
sort(a) -i

On MacOS, I set meta to be the option key, so I am typing -i.

Not a thing happens.

I have also created a .jl file with a tiny function. I have done using Revise and then used includet to load the file. I run its function and try -i. Nada.

I think there is something funky about the meta key and the Julia repl.

If you’re on macOS, you may want to enable “Use option as the Meta key” in your Terminal settings to avoid the need to press Esc before each Rebugger command.

I mentioned that I did this and it didn’t solve the problem.

Thanks though…

Missed that, sorry.

Hello, I have a similar problem but no solution.

For me, meta-e works fine but meta-i does not work. In the Rebugger docs I found this:

julia> str = read(stdin, String)

julia> str = read(stdin, String)

This is when pressing M-i C-d C-d and M-e C-d C-d. So apparently the REPL gets the keystrokes. What to do now? What should I try next?